The First Spanksgiving | Smutober Day 5

It was close to 60 degrees out, comfortably warm for me, perhaps a little chilly for what would be a mostly disrobed Serafina (who I planed to drape over a convenient log,) but nothing that a good warming of her ass wouldn’t be able to overcome. It started raining, and Serafina looked at me, asking with her eyes if the rain storm would spare her bottom it’s ordeal. I growled lightly in response that she’d be wet when I was done with her anyway, so a little rain wasn’t going to even slow me down.

I think she whimpered a little . . .

Michael Samadhi, Spanksgiving Day (redux)

Misty Water-Colored Memories

Before the concept for my Leaves of Grass post came to mind for today’s Smutober prompt, I thought of a much older entry from

What better way, I thought, to portray the prompt -“leaves”- than an outdoor Thanksgiving Day spanking scene?  Fortunately, I happen to have some nice images from such a celebration.

The images are from bittersweet memories, to be quite honest. Serafina and I shared some very wonderful times together, no doubt about that. I have to believe that we learned and grew very much together. It’s also true that we saw things in each other we wanted to see, and that those perceptions were perhaps not completely accurate. Given enough time, those kinds of essential misunderstandings will eventually slice a relationship to its core.

Our time as lovers may be over, but we are still friends. She will always be family to me. In fact, despite being separated, Serafina still lives here in my home. Our old blog together still exists (obviously) and we both share access and permission for use of our shared images. Yes, it’s a complex relationship, but, I’m told that’s relatively common among polyamorous people.

I have no desire to forget the good times we shared. Instead, I intend to celebrate them. Despite the differences and misunderstandings, those days were among the best of our lives to date. Whatever the future holds, whatever our status may become, the good days are worth celebrating.

Spanksgiving Leaves

My first Spanksgiving was documented here – Happy Spanksgiving! Serafina provided the story for the post and obviously modeled as well. The photographs were mine. Adding to Serafina’s rendition of the events, I provided my own – Spanksgiving Day (redux).

I was never satisfied with the photographs. I was using a Nikon Coolpix camera rather than my usual 35mm, and struggled mightily with the white balance and with exposure. I did the best I could with my primitive photoshop skills, the results are not my best, barely acceptable IMHO.

Of course, I can now revisit old photographs, as I showed recently for SinfulSunday. Even if I can’t “fix” photos, I’m having pretty good luck using filters and photo-processing software turning my older photos into a sort of art. My creations aren’t to everyone taste, but I’ve had good feedback from some folks too.

So, without further explanation or ado, I give you two of my edited images created from Michael Samadhi’s First Spanksgiving. Images of beautiful memories. Images full of beautiful leaves…

I took my slave/wife by the hand, one more time, and led her down a faint trail that paralleled the river. I’m a large man, 6′ tall, while Serafina is just 5’2″, so if I decide to set a good pace, it feels as though I’m almost pulling her along, her stride is much shorter than mine, and she has to push herself to keep up. That’s the way I want it, I want her breathless before we even start.

Then is see what I’m looking for, a downed log – solid and secure, that I can drape my slave over for her spanking.

In a quiet but firm voice, my face very close to hers (invading her space) as I held her close in front of me, I told Serafina to pull her pants down to her ankles and drape herself over the log. She looked at the damp wood for a moment, realizing that the recent rain wasn’t going to make her ordeal any more comfortable, and then quietly complied with my command.

I got out my camera and calmly told her I was going to record the event for all my online friends.

Michael Samadhi, Spanksgiving Day (redux)

Hot, wet, bubbles ~ Sinful Sunday Week 338

The prompt for 1st October 2017 is: Fluids

Sinful Sunday Week 338 ~ Hot, wet, bubbles

When I attend BDSM festivals and events, I always try to find a local hotel where I can get a room with a hot tub.  Call me spoiled.  Perhaps I am!

Call it Master’s privilege, I can live with that…

I’m also getting older.  While my skills and knowledge have grown over time, so have the number of aches and pains in my body.  Long days attending workshops and demos, not to mention long nights in the dungeon, all put a lot of wear and tear on my not so young body.

After a long day of sitting on folding chairs, there’s nothing like a nice hot soak.  Surrounded by the water’s heat, my arthritic joints no longer feel as though they’ve been clobbered with a ball-peen hammer.  My back no longer feels as if I’ve spent time on a medieval torture rack.

And, if sometimes I miss a few hours of the public play party for a more intimate private party back in my room, well I really can’t complain!

Perhaps that was really my plan all along…

Look, someone brought bubbles!

Photo – Serafina Samadhi  |  Subjects – Michael Samadhi & Sinnjara Samadhi  |  Image processing – Michael Samadhi

From an annual weekend event called Mischief in May, held in Des Moines, Iowa. (Sadly, there was no event in 2017)  Image from the Samadhi photo archives.  No camera RAW version is available.

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Unmasked ~ Sinful Sunday Week 337

Sinful Sunday Week 337 – Unmasked

I’ve been trying to let my images speak for themselves for SinfulSunday, but there’s a story with this one I want to tell…

Today’s image has been floating around on a hard-drive since 2014.

A very different version was shared back in August of that year, for a long past SinfulSunday

I think it’s a powerful image.

It was pretty well received at the time too, I got some pretty cool comments…

Fuck me backwards with a bottle brush this is HOT… I am totally a biceps and shoulder woman and when they are leaning over me in a menacing way then I am basically a big puddle of juice beneath them.


There are few more really cool comments, including one from Curvaceous Dee – a woman I’ve had a crush on longer than I’d like to admit.

As gratifying as all the comments were to me (perhaps more now in retrospect than even originally) – a lot of water has passed under the bridge since 2014.

In all honesty, I’d almost completely forgotten about the photograph in the intervening years.  Then, as I was looking through my old blog the other day, I saw the image again.  It peaked my interest.

So, I looked back through my photo archives for the original.  Three years later, I saw completely different potential.  It’s safe to say my photo editing skills have changed dramatically in the intervening years.  So has my eye for what does and doesn’t look good.

I’m not sure the new image is necessarily any better than the original.  It’s just different.  Very different. Some will undoubtedly prefer the more mysterious…

Hopefully, some will also find appeal in the new unmasked version…

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Sinful Sunday

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