The First Spanksgiving | Smutober Day 5

It was close to 60 degrees out, comfortably warm for me, perhaps a little chilly for what would be a mostly disrobed Serafina (who I planed to drape over a convenient log,) but nothing that a good warming of her ass wouldn’t be able to overcome. It started raining, and Serafina looked at me, asking with her eyes if the rain storm would spare her bottom it’s ordeal. I growled lightly in response that she’d be wet when I was done with her anyway, so a little rain wasn’t going to even slow me down.

I think she whimpered a little . . .

Michael Samadhi, Spanksgiving Day (redux)

Misty Water-Colored Memories

Before the concept for my Leaves of Grass post came to mind for today’s Smutober prompt, I thought of a much older entry from

What better way, I thought, to portray the prompt -“leaves”- than an outdoor Thanksgiving Day spanking scene?  Fortunately, I happen to have some nice images from such a celebration.

The images are from bittersweet memories, to be quite honest. Serafina and I shared some very wonderful times together, no doubt about that. I have to believe that we learned and grew very much together. It’s also true that we saw things in each other we wanted to see, and that those perceptions were perhaps not completely accurate. Given enough time, those kinds of essential misunderstandings will eventually slice a relationship to its core.

Our time as lovers may be over, but we are still friends. She will always be family to me. In fact, despite being separated, Serafina still lives here in my home. Our old blog together still exists (obviously) and we both share access and permission for use of our shared images. Yes, it’s a complex relationship, but, I’m told that’s relatively common among polyamorous people.

I have no desire to forget the good times we shared. Instead, I intend to celebrate them. Despite the differences and misunderstandings, those days were among the best of our lives to date. Whatever the future holds, whatever our status may become, the good days are worth celebrating.

Spanksgiving Leaves

My first Spanksgiving was documented here – Happy Spanksgiving! Serafina provided the story for the post and obviously modeled as well. The photographs were mine. Adding to Serafina’s rendition of the events, I provided my own – Spanksgiving Day (redux).

I was never satisfied with the photographs. I was using a Nikon Coolpix camera rather than my usual 35mm, and struggled mightily with the white balance and with exposure. I did the best I could with my primitive photoshop skills, the results are not my best, barely acceptable IMHO.

Of course, I can now revisit old photographs, as I showed recently for SinfulSunday. Even if I can’t “fix” photos, I’m having pretty good luck using filters and photo-processing software turning my older photos into a sort of art. My creations aren’t to everyone taste, but I’ve had good feedback from some folks too.

So, without further explanation or ado, I give you two of my edited images created from Michael Samadhi’s First Spanksgiving. Images of beautiful memories. Images full of beautiful leaves…

I took my slave/wife by the hand, one more time, and led her down a faint trail that paralleled the river. I’m a large man, 6′ tall, while Serafina is just 5’2″, so if I decide to set a good pace, it feels as though I’m almost pulling her along, her stride is much shorter than mine, and she has to push herself to keep up. That’s the way I want it, I want her breathless before we even start.

Then is see what I’m looking for, a downed log – solid and secure, that I can drape my slave over for her spanking.

In a quiet but firm voice, my face very close to hers (invading her space) as I held her close in front of me, I told Serafina to pull her pants down to her ankles and drape herself over the log. She looked at the damp wood for a moment, realizing that the recent rain wasn’t going to make her ordeal any more comfortable, and then quietly complied with my command.

I got out my camera and calmly told her I was going to record the event for all my online friends.

Michael Samadhi, Spanksgiving Day (redux)

The State Fair ~ Smutober Day 4

Dear Diary,

We went to the state fair today!

Walking around, holding my hand, Master was so good to me! He won me this really huge teddy bear playing one of the games.

The whole time he was playing the game he was telling this carnival guy he should just give me the bear for a blowjob it would be less expensive for him. Of course Master was the only sort of joking with him.

The whole time I am standing there blushing, my face is crimson red and I can’t stop smiling and giggling.

It was humiliating and HOT! I was so wet by the time we walked away from the game I was thankful for my long socks to sop up the juices running down my thigh.

Which was only made worse at the end when Master tells the guy we’ll be back at the end of the night to collect the bear and he can collect on the blowjob then if he wants.

Sooo embarrassing and oh so damn hot!


I feel a tug on my hand, he’s already moving towards a ride and pulling on my hand to follow him. I’m stopped right there staring up at the top of the Ferris wheel. Scared to my core.

It had to be written all over my face, perhaps I was ghostly white, whatever the case may be, he seen it for sure. He stepped in front of me, took hold of my other hand, holding them both up he kissed the backs of my hands sending a little shiver of arousal through me.

He has my attention now, I’m looking directly into his gorgeous blue eyes. That devilish sparkle is still there, but I feel so much love. He pulls me close to him, holding me tight to him, his mouth to my ear so I can hear him over all the noise.

He began talking to me – my slave there is nothing for you to be afraid of, I am your Master and I will protect you. I love you, my girl, you can conquer this fear with my help. Come along with me girl, follow me, slave, as you have promised, with an open mind, knowing you are always safe with me.

My choice was clear now, I could beg mercy from him, or I can follow him onto the Ferris wheel. I won’t be punished if I beg for mercy, but I cannot bring myself to.

So, I follow master as he buys two tickets each for us, and goes to the end of the line. We don’t speak in line, he just holds my hand lightly giving me a reassuring grip once in a while. It’s our turn now, we walk up and Master has me sit first, then he sits beside me. Never letting go of my hand the entire time. The ride operator locks us in and reminds us to not rock and keep all our body in the little bucket.

The Ferris wheel began moving forward, stopping letting passengers off and then on. Each time it moved I wanted to scream, I was clutching Master’s hand tighter. He started talking to me at this point. Reminding me that I am safe, that there is nothing to be afraid of.

I’m all tensed up though. I just want it all to be over with and tell Master so. He just laughed at me. Laughed! Before I could even begin to get upset Master stopped laughing, looked me right in the eye and said girl, that is enough!

About that time is when the Ferris wheel had us almost at the top and began moving the normal ride. I just stared at Master, inside I was freaking out and I guess he likely knew that as well from what he said to me next.

My sweet slave, I cannot have you afraid of heights, so it will stop today. I want you to spread your legs a bit, reach into your skirt, and touch yourself for me. I want to see you cum slave… I think my jaw must have dropped as his next words were – I can stuff that mouth if you don’t close it now. 

Well diary, I did cum, and quite loudly. I think that everyone on the ride and on the ground heard me as some were clapping, and others were saying congrats to my Master as we walked off the ride at the end.

On the walk to get my bear, I was burning red with embarrassment. Which was only getting worse with every step as I could smell my own arousal.

I was frantically wondering if others could smell it as well when Master tugged at my hand bringing it to his mouth, lightly kissing the tops of my fingers, then he licked my fingers. Licked them!

Of course, then he just had to say it – I can smell you, slave, I simply had to taste you as well.

I’m so tired, even a little sore from the day’s activities. Oh, my dear diary, I’ll have to write you later about picking up the bear…

Night night!

Smutober 2017 – Day 4 – Fair
Be wickedly sexy or sexily wicked!

Wicked Wednesday... a place to be wickedly sexy or sexily wicked

Are you participating in Smutober?

I’m taking part in the festivities…

Are you participating in Smutober?

It was a late night, or perhaps it was an early morning, I”m not exactly sure.

Staring at my computer, slumbering with my eyes open, I was startled back to awareness by Sinnjara, my consensual slave.

“Master, do you want to participate in Smutober?”

She had been hard at work (like a good slave) on Michael’s Way, using her tech skills to bring my ideas for the blog to life.  Of course, I was hard at work too, in a different way.  It’s said that coming up with the vision for a project is the hardest step.  Invoking executive privilege, it could be said, perhaps, I was working hardest.


I replied with what I considered, at the time, to be witty repartee.  “Smut-cobra fest?  Why would I want to blog about promiscuous snakes?  Anyway, I always cheer for the mongoose…”

“No Master, it’s SMUTOBER!” she said.

“Oh… OK… OK…  What is this Smutober?”

I probably gave up my “cobra gambit” a little too easy.  While I do enjoy joking around, now I was actually curious!

Every day during October we shall be giving our erotica authors, sex bloggers and other creatives a prompt to inspire them. We are hoping they’ll use it to create & share flash fiction, excerpts, photos, recipes, poems and more from their interpretation of the theme…

Feeling Daring? Why not pick a day that appeals to you and join in the fun yourself!


with a little help…

There are a few more details that can be found here ~> Welcome to Smutober!  It all seems simple enough, and it sounds like fun too…

I participated in a month-long blogging contest back in 2014.  So, this won’t be my first rodeo.

I’m hoping to manage an entry for each day.  But, I also know how difficult that can be to accomplish.

Sinnjara has asked some dear friends of ours to help.  Folks I consider to be part of my Leather Family, even if it’s not formally designated or declared.

Our friends are pretty kinky too.  They even have kinks/fetishes that aren’t on my list.  Not only is that ok (it’s great in fact) – it’s just a little unusual.

I’ve learned from them.  And, through that knowledge, I’ve grown.  Beyond being grateful for their friendship, I am grateful for that opportunity as well.

So, I expect we will somehow, between us all, be able to fully participate in Smutober.  Even if I sing out of tune (a common occurrence) ~ I’ll get by with a little help from my friends…

Will you participate in the Smutober festivities too?

It’s International Rabbit Day

International Rabbit Day ~ 9/23/2017

Well, my friends and dear readers, it’s International Rabbit Day.

It’s not a holiday I’d planned for.

Maybe next year…

I first heard about the event earlier this morning.

Sinnjara looked at me with a knowing grin, and said, “Master, it’s International Rabbit Day today.  Maybe you should create a post?”

I mean it sounds like fun.

Who minds a good reason to party?

Am I right?

So I started this post.

What can I say?

I’m a good Master…

Bunny Samadhi – circa 2005

When I showed Sinnjara the draft of this post, written and illustrated up to this point, she reacted with exasperation…

“MASTER, I didn’t mean THAT kind of rabbit!!!”

“Well then slave,” I replied, “Whatever kind of rabbit do you mean?”

“You know…” She said.

“Do I?”  I made a face at my slave, my ‘innocent’ face.

Sinnjara has a bit of Tinkerbell in her, I think at this point she stomped her foot.

“You know, the kind that vibrates and swirls and has really fun ears,” she stated.

Looking rather sure of herself, Sinnjara crossed her arms and sort of ‘harrumphed” at me.

“O.K., but you do know that Bunny Samadhi vibrated and swirled as she hopped around the room.  And come to think of it, her ears really were a lot of fun to pet and play with…”


Yes, at this point my slave gave me the facepalm gesture.

Then I got links, on my Facebook, from places like Jezebel and Cosmopolitan.

“Oh, THAT kind of rabbit,” I said.  “Let me create some art for that kind of rabbit…”

So, I updated the post, as you can see.

But when I showed Sinnjara, the face I got didn’t look too much like joy.  No, it wasn’t joy for sure.

Her eyes kinda bugged out…

“Rabbits are supposed to be fun, but your’s looks scary.  It’s evil!”

“Ya, it kinda does have a special look, doesn’t it?”  I broke out laughing, lost my straight face entirely.

More links arrived in my Facebook.

Fun Factory Miss Bi, a high-tech rabbit

I hope that’s a more aesthetically pleasing tribute to the International Rabbit (of the high-tech kind) Day.

BTW – In case you wondered, International Rabbit Day (not a marketing gimmick) is a real thing.  According to the House Rabbit Society (not dedicated to the high-tech kind of rabbit – but wouldn’t that be fun) …

“International Rabbit Day is an international day which promotes the protection and care of rabbits both domestic and wild… On International Rabbit Day, we think about the many ways that rabbits bring joy to our lives, and also the many ways in which they are harmed, by hunting, eating, medical experimentation, product testing, fur-farming, and living isolated lives in outdoor hutches.”

At this point, Master does the “told you so dance” as we walk out the door to pick up supper.

Walking out the door, my slave says, somewhat curtly, “Guess who’s going inside to pick it up?”

“I guess I am…”, I replied.

At least I got that one right!

Nap time for bunny – no doubt tired out from Rabbit Day celebrations…

I don’t know what the word ‘rabbit’ means to you.

But, I do know that today is the day to protect / celebrate / commemorate / vibrate your rabbit.

It’s also not a bad day to remember your favorite bunny.

Bunnies need loving too…

Ya know?