flogging-anon-neighbor_artWhat does it take to be a Samadhi slave?

All it really takes . . . is all you’ve got!

My dear friend Alpha, is prone to saying that Master Michael doesn’t do anything half-assed, and that’s probably even more true than he knows.  The sweet ladies who are my submissives, Serafina and Sinnara, can also confirm.

I don’t want their submission on a part time basis I’m not interested in submission in just the bedroom. I want it all.

While I’m willing to work myself to earn their trust and faith, I require nothing less from them than what I give myself.  I want it all . . .

Yes indeed.  All it takes to be a Samadhi slave, is everything you’ve got!

Any questions?

Michael's Musings What does it take to be a Samadhi slave?
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