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Just a little more than ten years ago, Serafina and I met in person for the first time.

In all honesty, there was a good likelihood that our one meeting would also be our last.  The cards weren’t really stacked in our favor, but we had that moment, and we meant to make the most of it.

Despite the fact that we knew we might never meet again, or perhaps because of it, some of the play was captured on the digital camera I’d just purchased.

In all honesty, today’s cell phones have more megapixels than the camera used to shoot these pictures ten years ago.

Despite the poor resolution, what does show through was the joy.  Serafina’s most fond wish was to be desired and played with, to have her sexuality appreciated and explored.

I think I delivered . . . Lord knows she didn’t eventually leave the Pacific Northwest to come here for my money!

As a final aside, here’s what Serafina said over at FetLife about one of the pictures from the gallery . . .

Wow! Does that bring back memories!! I remember the weight of that beautiful cock like it just happened! Especially the way you thwacked him on me! That was the first time we met in person. Such incredible memories!

I don’t know the original author, but it’s been said that: “Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning.”

Serafina, loving you gives new meaning to not just love, but to everything!  You have opened my eyes, protected my heart, and served my needs with joyous passion.

I’m so glad we met, just that once, some ten years ago . . .

ten years ago


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February Photo Fest Ten Years Ago
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