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they used a sword to cut away my clothes – twice!

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Last weekend Master Michael, Sir Alpha, and I headed out to the Kinky Kabin.

We hadn’t been there since Thanksgiving weekend.  That was a very special five days, as the entire time I served Sir Alpha while Master Michael played with another submissive lady.  That was a very unique, and a very special experience.

This time, I was to serve both Masters.  I felt like I was up to that challenge, but I also knew there was a new experience that awaited me.  I was going to be undressed (that part’s not so unusual) by having my clothes cut off with a very sharp Samurai sword!

Last year Master Michael set out to perfect the art of cutting a lady’s clothes off.  It was something he and Alpha had been talking about.  The first time Sir Alpha joined us at the cabin last year he brought a machete.

And, he cut my clothes off with that  machete.  Very exciting stuff!  No matter how warm it is in the Kabin, the steel feels very chilly against my skin when my clothes are getting cut off.

Then, for Christmas, Master received a Samurai sword.  I knew that, sooner or later, I’d feel it’s cold steel against my skin.  I didn’t have to wait long either, only until our first Kinky Kabin visit of the year.

I lost two different outfits last weekend.  Master Michael and Alpha both took a turn at using the sword to cut away my clothes.  It was another memorable weekend, and there’s no doubt I’m a very lucky girl.  And, I got one more special thing from the experience.

An opportunity to create a triptych from the weekend, something special just for Molly’s Sinful Sunday Triptych Competition!

This is my entry in the competition, good luck to all!
Serafina xxxooo

Sinful Sunday

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Sinful Sunday They Used a Sword to Cut Away my Clothes – Twice!
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