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Here’s the lede for this week’s TMI Tuesday . . .

In many areas around the world, vacation season is approaching. This week’s TMI Tuesday asks you to tell us about your vacation style. Thank you to Virtual Sin for the questions.

Everybody likes vacation, right?  I’d like to go on permanent vacation, but I’ve not figured out yet how to make money without working.

So, let’s dive right into the questions, shall we?

1) What mode of transportation do you prefer for vacation: a) car, b) bus, c) train, d) cruise ship, e) airplane, f) other?

My answer is f) other.
My preferred mode of transportation on vacation is my own two feet. I was an avid backpacker in my youth. And now days, my favorite getaway, the Kinky Kabin, is a mile hike from any road, so I’m still using my feet.

2) What baggage strategy do you use when flying: a) carry-on only, b) gate check excess bags, c) check baggage, d) ship bags ahead, e) other?

There are baggage strategies? Really? Jeesh! Get a life people, plan your scenes and sex lives, let your baggage take care of itself.
My answer is e) other.  The best baggage strategy of all is to wear nice clothes for the trip, single carry-on w/ laptop & essentials, then visit Wal-Mart once I’ve arrived at a destination. Casual clothes are really cheap these days, amnd can always be given to a good charity when the trip concludes.

3) What is your accommodation strategy: a) luxury hotel, b) bed and breakfast c) cheap hotel/motel, d) stay with family/friends, e) camping or RV, e) other?

a) luxury hotel or e) camping or RV
It might seem like two extremes, but that’s how I am. I love a good luxury hotel (preferably historic) and I love camping. I’m a man of contradictions, what can I say?

4) What world-famous places have you visited on vacation? These can be commercial tourist attractions (Disney World), museums (The Louvre), historic places (Gettysburg), natural wonders (Yellowstone, Yosemite), or anything else?

My favorite places in the world are in the american desert southwest, what’s known as the 4-corners area. The many wonderful national parks there are amazing. Canyonlands, Arches, Mesa Verde, the Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce, Waterpocket Fold, etc. etc. etc.  When I’m in the desert southwest I feel like I’m in heaven!

tmi_vacation5) Where do you really, really want to go someday?

I’d like to visit Alaska and spend a couple of years exploring that vast state.  I mean for fuck’s sake it was actually warmer in some parts of Alaska last winter than it was in Iowa!

6) What you would you like to go back to see again?

See #4  The desert southwest is AMAZING!

Bonus: Have you ever had sex with someone you just met while on vacation? Tell us about it.

Nope.  Makes for a short answer, but I’ve got nothin’ here!  “I’m no hit and run artist,” I told a wonderful new friend over the weekend.   I’ve never had a one night stand,  I’m a “relationship” guy, not a one night stand guy.

Bonus, Bonus: While vacationing, have you ever had sex in a moving car, bus, train, or airplane?

I’ve received a BJ while driving home from vacation.  All I can say is that it’s really hard to concentrate on the road and orgasm at the same time, but I somehow managed.

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