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Serafina and I participate in a number of sex blogger memes.

We post to the Scavenger Hunt when we can, and we’ve joined month long challenges like the Feb Photo Fest and the A to Z Blogging Challenge.

Most prominently though are the weekly memes, as they show up here on a regular schedule.

Week after week they are a part of our blog.

Kink of the Week, Wicked Wednesday, TMI Tuesday, and of course Sinful Sunday, are all regular features here.

I guess you could say that Internet memes are inspiring to Serafina and I.

They provide ideas, and a real sense of community, not to mention increasing viewership.

And in the end, isn’t that the point?

I mean writers want to be read, exhibitionists want to be seen, ya know?

triptych fun

a collection of artwork by serafina samadhi inspired by sinful sunday’s triptych competition . . .

Cabin feve3Triple picCabin fever2.Cabin fever1

I tend to be a relatively slow and plodding writer.  It used to be that I wasn’t happy until a piece I wrote had something like 14 revision before the final edit.  Part of that, I suppose, comes from my former profession.  Crafting press releases for statewide release was a precise task, especially in the dog eat dog world of Illinois politics.

But, working on a deadline is always good motivation to keep going.  It forces me to get the job done with a minimum of revisions.  To participate, I’ve got to finish on time, and I don’t usually have a week’s lead time to craft my writing like I would have with a new release.

I think my writing is fresher now, even if it’s somewhat less precise.  And, some of the memes aren’t about the writing anyway, like Sinful Sunday.  Which does, finally, bring me around to the point of this post1

My point is that we were given some lead time for Molly’s Triptych contest.  And while (thankfully) there aren’t 18 different revisions to show, we did create a few alternatives along the way.  Call it practice if you like, it’s part of the creative process, and I’d like to show our work.

Anyway, it’s also an opportunity to brag on my Serafina.  While we are both photographers, she’s the wizard with photo editing software.  In the end, all of the triptychs posted here are her work.  The  two triptych’shave been previously posted, I think one was here and one was at  The rest of what I’ve shared here today is new . . .

Cabin fever4curl
Sinful Sunday

  1. I’m rarely happy with a post that’s less than 300 words – I really try to minimize the verbosity for Sinful Sunday, but there’s always so much to say, and I’m still working on learning how to let my photography speak for me instead of my words.
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Sinful Sunday Triptych Fun
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