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beautiful bottom - ugly underwear tagEverybody’s allowed a pet peeve or two, maybe even three, if they are true domly dom.  I hope you know I’m being facetious, submissives can have as many pet peeves as they like, but they aren’t allowed to express them!  OK, all joking aside, this post really is about what some might call a pet peeve of mine . . .

That’s my lovely slave/wife, Serafina Samadhi.  As you can see, she’s been bent over a convenient downed tree, it was part of our “Spanksgiving 2012” celebration.   I know I’m prejudiced, but I think my slave has a really great ass.  I’ll let you in on a secret, her beautiful bottom is even sweeter than it looks, the “jiggle” is just perfect when she’s spanked.

I’ve got one problem with the picture though and it’s a big one.  That @$!#@$&! underwear tag that’s sticking out.  It really is a beautiful bottom, but that certainly is an ugly assed tag.

those @$!#@$&! underwear tags

These ads do a great job of driving home the point of how annoying tags are in a very funny and entertaining way.  I can’t stand annoying, itchy tags and I’m so glad Hanes® decided to get rid of them… and I’m very happy to help.
~ Michael Jordan

I guess it’s already pretty clear, I really dislike underwear tags.  It’s rare that I allow Serafina to wear panties these days, and when I do it’s expected that they will be without tags.  In all honesty, the only thing more annoying than underwear tags showing up on my slave’s panties, is an underwear tag showing up in my pictures!

Frankly, I’ve never liked tags of any sort in my clothes.  I didn’t care for the way they felt against my neck in shirts, some kind of annoying cross between an itch and a tickle.  Who needs that kind of distraction?  When I was a boy, I used to carefully cut the tags out of every shirt I wore.  And if tags in shirts are annoying, tags in underwear just darn right maddening.  I’m told that tags are so infuriating because they are made out of relatively coarse material, in order to make it easier for print to be sewn into the tags’s fabric.  Some manufacturers make higher quality tags that are softer than the norm, but those are more costly to produce, so they aren’t commonly used.

Not only are underwear tags situated to irritating to tender skin when they placed are in clothing worn around our waist and crotch, it’s my studied opinion that tags in underwear aren’t even necessary at all.   With modern technology, it’s simple enough to print sizing and material disclosures on waistbands, or any other unobtrusive place for that matter.  The idea also has the added benefit of eliminating the cost of material used for the tag.

Now, before anyone says I need to go patent and sell that great idea, I have to tell you it’s too late.  Haynes, who already went to tagless t-shirts back in 2002, started marketing men’s boxers and briefs without underwear tags close to two years ago.  It’s a brilliant campaign if you ask me – Hanes® Goes Tagless Across All Men’s Underwear.  It wasn’t exactly difficult to sell me on the idea.  Now, when I wear underwear, it’s Hanes® tagless briefs.  Ya know, just like Michael Jordan.

just say no to underwear tags

Of the different clothing tags, those found in underwear are easily the worst.  I’d wager that I’m not alone in that opinion too.  Apparently, it’s just a good practice to get rid of underwear tags, I mean if you read it on the Internet it must be true.  Right?  Over at wikiHow there’s a cute little tutorial on How to Choose Comfortable Underwear, and Step 9 is about eliminating underwear tags . . .

remove underwear tagsRemove tags from the underwear after purchase.
These can cause scratching and rubbing problems if you’re sensitive to them. Once removed, you can always store them somewhere if you need the care instructions or want to remember the brand, size, and style of what works for you so you can find your next undergarment with ease. It is possible to purchase tagless underwear in some brands, if preferred.

I guess that totally justifies my personal fetish for tag removal – hahaha.  As a dominant, I don’t need any external validation to allow me to set rules for my submissive.  But, it doesn’t hurt when validation is available either.  Seriously though, you aren’t going to find a drawer full of stored underwear tags in my house.  If my slave wants to remember the “make and model” of her underwear, she can keep the information in her submissive’s journal.  We aren’t cutting off tags just to save them damnit.  If we are going to “just say no” to underwear tags, they need to go away!

it’s a rule

About a year ago, not long after taking the Spanksgiving 2012 photo that opened this post, I decided to make tagless panties a rule here at House of Samadhi.  I’m picking out Serafina’s wardrobe these days anyway, so it’s rare enough that she’d wear panties to begin with.  When she does wear lingerie of any sort, including panties, I’ll guarantee there are no underwear tags flying their little freak flags high.  And that same rule holds true for guests too.  Any submissive who wishes to play at Samadhi House needs to know that underwear tags are vile little things, they have no place here in my sanctum.

Don’t worry though, if I find underwear tags, I’ll cut them off for you, as a public service!

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