Unmasked ~ Sinful Sunday Week 337

by | Sep 23, 2017 | Sinful Sunday | 24 comments

Sinful Sunday Week 337 – Unmasked

I’ve been trying to let my images speak for themselves for SinfulSunday, but there’s a story with this one I want to tell…

Today’s image has been floating around on a hard-drive since 2014.

A very different version was shared back in August of that year, for a long past SinfulSunday

I think it’s a powerful image.

It was pretty well received at the time too, I got some pretty cool comments…

Fuck me backwards with a bottle brush this is HOT… I am totally a biceps and shoulder woman and when they are leaning over me in a menacing way then I am basically a big puddle of juice beneath them.


There are few more really cool comments, including one from Curvaceous Dee – a woman I’ve had a crush on longer than I’d like to admit.

As gratifying as all the comments were to me (perhaps more now in retrospect than even originally) – a lot of water has passed under the bridge since 2014.

In all honesty, I’d almost completely forgotten about the photograph in the intervening years.  Then, as I was looking through my old blog the other day, I saw the image again.  It peaked my interest.

So, I looked back through my photo archives for the original.  Three years later, I saw completely different potential.  It’s safe to say my photo editing skills have changed dramatically in the intervening years.  So has my eye for what does and doesn’t look good.

I’m not sure the new image is necessarily any better than the original.  It’s just different.  Very different. Some will undoubtedly prefer the more mysterious…

Hopefully, some will also find appeal in the new unmasked version…

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Sinful Sunday

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