Dubuque-Galena-Platteville area discussion this Friday

Although I’ve never considered myself to be a gregarious person, Serafina and I have grown to very much enjoy the social aspects of living a BDSM lifestyle.  We are dues paying members of the two largest and longest established local BDSM/Kink organizations, Riverbound and CROP.  And, we also support and take part in newer groups that are just getting established.  Friday night will be a new group’s first event, so Serafina and I are very excited to be taking part in the inaugural meeting for the Dubuque-Platteville-Galena D/s, M/s, & Power Exchange Discussion group.

The event is scheduled to happen at a Dubuque area restaurant on Friday, January 24, 2014, from 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM.  According to _his_Owner (the group’s founder, as well as the event organizer) it’s intended to be “A casual meeting for people in or interested in M/s and D/s relationships.”  On the event page, _his_Owner goes on to say:

This will be our first meeting. Let’s see if we can make it happen! Because it’s the first time and we don’t know one another I’m choosing a public place but we may end up hosting at people’s houses in the future.

Please know that this group is focused on power exchange relationships and not on BDSM “play” and kink in general. We welcome those who are currently in, or interested in pursuing D/s and M/s relationships as well as any other label that suits your power exchange relationship type of choice.

Full details can be found at the event’s Fetlife page.

serendipity & the group’s founder . . .

_his_Owner, the Dubuque-Platteville-Galena D/s, M/s, & Power Exchange Discussion group’s founder, is a wonderful friend who attended Serafina’s collaring.  Our friendship goes back a couple of years, it started with a chance occurrence that now feels a little bit like the hand of fate.  It was based on a common appreciation for Shibari.   I met _his_Owner as a fellow member of a Shibari discussion group at FetLife, where I admired pictures of a beautiful suspension frame that  _his_Owner had posed.  I wrote _his_Owner and asked about the frames origin, only to discover it was a cypress swing stand.

Folks who visit the House of Samadhi know that there is a suspension frame here.  And, if you look carefully, it looks suspiciously like a re-purposed cypress swing stand!  They say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, so I hope _his_Owner doesn’t feel like I’m too much of a copy-cat.  In my defense, when I took the idea for my own nefarious purposes, _his_Owner lived far away on the East Coast.  So, I never felt as though we’d be running in the same circles . . .

And that’s where the hand of fate comes into play.  Last summer I discovered that _his_Owner suddenly lived less than 90 miles away.  Since then, we’ve encountered each other at a few different events, including the collaring ceremony we held for my Serafina.  With that in mind, I’m very much looking forward to attending Friday’s Dubuque-Galena-Platteville event, not only for the inauguration of a new group, but also to renew my friendship with _his_Owner, who is very much quality people!

Here’s to you, and your new group, may it be a great success, like so many other things you touch!

Dubuque City FlagEDIT – It’s hard to find a proper image for this post, as I don’t have any pictures of _his_Owner, and how do you represent a beautiful city like Dubuque? (It’s historic architecture is worth a multi-day visit.)  So, I found a perfectly ugly flag!  You can’t make these kinds of things up folks!  That really is the City of Dubuque’s Flag.  Computer representations of that sort rarely do the real thing justice, so I’d be the first to admit that it lookd a bit better on a pole, but, the same could be said about my best friend’s wife . . .

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