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Well it wasn’t like opening that old envelope that said “You may already be a winner!”

Nope, not at all like that.

If you follow Sinful Sunday, you may already know that the triptych created by my lovely and talented slave, the always beautiful Serafina, was selected as a winner in Molly’s Triptych Competition.

We got 4th place!

The competition was pretty steep.  There’s a lot of artistic talent to be found in the sex blogging community, a lot of exceptional individuals who could have won just as easily.

Luck, some pre-planning, not to mention a weekend at the Kinky Kabin, were all part of the equation that equaled our win.

In truth, three people are due credit for the winning entry.  While I shot two of the pictures, our wonderful friend Alpha deserves photo credit for the shot that I’m in.

Alpha also gets credit for the idea of using a sword to strip away a slave’s clothing.  Before we met, I’d used safety scissors and a rescue tool to remove a bound woman’s clothing.  I’d never considered using anything like four feet of sharp edged steel.

Alpha and I have had enough practice on Serafina, that the slave stripping technique is now developed to a fine art . . . Just like Serafina’s triptych!

4th Place in Triptych Competition

Cabin fever4 resized for blog


I just know . . . if my hair was as good as Alpha’s, we’d have made 3rd place!


Sinful Sunday We Won! 4th Place in Triptych Competition
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