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Iowa is a rural, mostly agricultural state.  We grow lots of corn and soybeans.  We produce lots of beef and pork from animals that feed on the corn and soybeans.

At least that’s the way it used to be . . .

Nowadays we make lots of ethanol with the corn, and we use some of the soy to create bio-diesel.  The cows and pigs feed on wastes from ethanol production now, among other things.  So, we still produce lots of beef and pork, but it costs twice as much.

This is called progress.

Fortunately, this post isn’t really about agriculture.  I’m sure at some point in time we will have to feature pictures with pigs and cows in the background, not to mention corn and soybeans.  They are ubiquitous in Iowa, absolutely and inescapably inevitable.

Fortunately, Iowa has a few other attractions too.  For instance, the Goldfinch (pictured on the park sign in the lower right corner of the picture) is our State Bird.  We don’t have a lot of Goldfinches, sighting one is a rarity actually, but it’s photogenic bird, and it looks good on signs too.

And, for the record, it really beats the crap out of South Dakota’s state bird.  That foul state’s1 bird is the ring necked pheasant.  Pheasants aren’t even native to North America!  But hey, don’t tell the South Dakotans that!

And certainly, we’re better in Iowa than Kansas, Montana, and Nebraska, who all share the same bird, the Western Meadowlark.  I guess that’s what happens when you don’t believe in evolution, you figure when you’ve seen one state bird you’ve seen them all!

We have very nice State Parks here in Iowa.  They are a place to go to escape the corn pollen.   Well, mostly.

And, they are one of the few places where we can go to view wildlife.  Which (finally!) is the topic of this post.

Serafina is a cougar.  She’s my elder.  She’s a hot MILF too.  If that’s not a great form of wildlife to view, I don’t know what is!

She’s not in her native habitat here2, but I did manage to capture my wildcat in her den, showing her true colors in all their glory!


my wildcat in her den



  1. we make fun of our neighboring states in Iowa, it makes for good sport at hog roasts and corn boils
  2. these days that would be in bondage or providing service
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